All glossary terms beggining with "H" are listed below.


The Hafada is a scrotal piercing placed on the upper-sides of the scrotum. It is said that this piercing is of middle-eastern coming-of-age origin.

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Hair Dreading

Dreadlocks, also known as locks or dreads, are matted ropes of hair that can be styled by hand or left to form by themselves.

Dreadlocks can form naturally if your hair is allowed to grow without the use of brushes, combs, razors or scissors for a long period of time. Although the term 'dreadlock' was originally associated closely with the Rastafarian community, people of all cultures have worn and continue to choose dreadlocks. The term is popularly understood to derive from "dread" or respect for the God of the Bible.

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Hand Web

The Hand Web is a piercing through webbing between the fingers, most commonly between the thumb and forefinger.

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Hard Play

Hard Play is any elaborate sexual activity which normally includes the use of various adult sex toys.

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Health Breezer

The Care for Air Health Breezer, together with its specially formulated Aromatherapeutic Essences remove air pollutants and smells from smoke, pollen, pet dander & odours, paint fumes, bacteria, chemicals, mould spores and dust from the air.

Helix Barbells

Helix barbells and helix barbell stirrups are designed for wearing in helix piercings (the rim of your ear).

The barbell is removed from the stirrup, the stirrup is placed around the rim of the ear, the barbell is then fitted into the piercing, so that the stirrup cuffs the ear and the design hangs down.

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Hemp Products

Hemp is one of the world's oldest and most versatile plants. Its first recorded use dates back to the Egyptians in the 16th century B.C. and was domesticated from a wild plant by the Chinese who developed breeding, farming and processing techniques. The fibre was used for textiles and the seeds were used for both food and medicine.

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The Hood is a horizontal piercing through the clitoral hood. These piercings are the most common of female piercings as they are both sensual and fast healing. If a ball closure ring is worn, the ball of the ring rests on the aroused clitoris.

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Hooks are part of the adult piercing accessory range, for piercings that have been stretched enough to fit the thick bar.

They are used for different 'hooking' activities or to holdweights in order to stretch the flesh they are attached to.

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