All glossary terms beggining with "G" are listed below.


A Game is some sort of structured or semi structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment purposes. Some examples of games are 101 Romantic Dice, Bottom's up Drinking Game and Girls Night Out Drinking Game.

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The Gauge is a measurement used to measure the thickness of a piece of jewellery, corresponding to the thickness of your piercing.

Gauges can be converted into millimeters or inches, to help people of different nationalities to recognise different types of measurement.

Here is a conversion chart that will help with gauge sizes. Our gauge conversion chart may be located on the right hand side of the screen, under 'Jewellery Essentials'.

Millimeters to Gauge
1mm > 18ga
1.2mm > 16ga
1.6mm > 14ga
2.0mm > 12ga
2.4mm > 10ga
3.2mm > 8ga
4.0mm > 6ga
5.0mm > 4ga
6.0mm > 2ga
8.0mm > 0ga

Millimeters to Inches
6mm > 1/4"
8mm > 5/16"
10mm > 3/8"
11mm > 7/16"
12mm > 1/2"
14mm > 9/16"
16mm > 5/8"
18mm > 11/16"
19mm > 3/4"
21mm > 13/16"


Gemstones are a type of mineral often used in the jewellery industry for many different types of adornment. Gemstones can be used to make fashion accessories and body piercing jewellery alike.

Gemstones are also known as precious or semi-precious stones and can be highly valuable and attractive pieces. They can be cut and polished in different shapes and designs, creating stunning natural patterns and colours.

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Genital Beads

Genital Beads are also called anal beads, part of the adult sex product range.

Genital beads consist of several balls attached together, which are inserted through the anus and then removed at varying speeds depending on the effect desired.

Those who use genital beads enjoy the pleasurable feeling they receive as the ball passes through the narrow sphincter of the anus.

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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are beautifully designed boxes made for the purpose of placing gifts in. They come in all different colours and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, making your gift presentable and hidden away.

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Gift Set

A Gift Set refers to a selection of related items which can be bought together as a set.

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Glass belongs to a group of substances that have unique properties termed as supercooled liquids, which have passed into a rigid state without undergoing any noticeable structural change.

Most glass is artificial (made by man) but there are also natural glasses such as Obsidian or Volcanic Glass.

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Glass Flesh Plugs

These are Flesh Plugs which are made out of Glass. Flesh plugs are cylinder shaped pieces of body jewellery, which are inserted into large gauge (stretched) piercings, such as the earlobe.

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Glass Pendants

Glass Pendants are pendants made from glass. Pendants are hanging objects which can be attached to a necklace or any other material with a 'loop' or 'cord'. Many people use pendants as keyrings, earrings and clothing accessories.

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Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark jewellery made in many different designs for different piercings and accessories that glow when you are in a dark environment.

Glow in the dark jewellery is available in body jewellery items such as barbells, bananabells, circular barbells, threaded accessories and ball closure rings.

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Glowstick bananabells have three dangles with glowsticks attached, which are 'snapped' and glow brightly in vibrant florescent colours for about 8 hours.

Each glowstick can be replaced with replacement glow sticks.

Glowsticks come in various different sizes and colours.

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Gold is the name of an alloy, often used to make jewellery of many different types. Gold is made up of not only pure karat gold but base metals also.

The fluids secreted by a healing piercing cause corrosion of the base metals in the gold. Once a piercing is fully healed, Gold can be worn, although best for limited periods of time as it can tarnish when in contact with bodily fluids. Try to keep the jewellery clean and polished regularly to prolong the quality.

All our gold body jewellery is of the highest quality and complies with all assay and nickel testing requirements. We do not stand for any inferior quality gold or workmanship. Please be aware of any imported mass produced body jewellery products which may not comply with EC nickel directives and of any small companies that use scrap gold for production of body jewellery. We only use new gold and new wire for every piece that is produced. Where possible, all threads are produced on a CNC lathe to provide durable and high quality threads.

All our gold body jewellery products are made in the UK in London based workshops by highly skilled craftspeople who take great pride in all their work, carefully hand-finishing every single piece of body jewellery.

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Guiche Weights

Guiche Weights are specifically designed weights to be attached to a guiche piercing for stimulating purposes. The guiche piercing is located in between the scrotum and the anus.

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