All glossary terms beggining with "F" are listed below.

Fake Body Jewellery

Fake Body Jewellery (or non-piercing jewellery) is a type of body jewellery designed for people who have not got a piercing but looks exactly like the real thing.

Fake body jewellery includes belly button inserts, fake flesh plugs, fake lip rings, fake nose rings and nipple ring, to name a few.

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Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery refers to items which do not require anywhere to be pieced. Fashion jewellery includes items such as bracelets and bangles, necklaces, rings, collars and pendants.

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Female Genital Piercings

Female Genital Piercings are piercings located on the vagina. Such piercing include Clitoris, Christina, Fourchette, Inner Labia, Outer Labia, Triangle and Hood.

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Fimo is the name of a brand of polymer clay. It is an easy to handle, versatile modelling material in brilliant colours that hardens in the oven at max. 130ºC/265ºF.

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Flesh Tube

Flesh Tubes are hollow tubes made of many different types of materials, such as Surgical Steel, Titanium and Acrylic.

Flesh Tubes commonly have two silicone o' rings, or flared ends to keep them in place.

The tubes are hollow so that you can see right through them, making your stretched piercing visible right through!

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Flesh Tunnels

A Flesh Tunnel is also known as an earlet, flesh tube, flesh plug or eyelet. These are designed to fit stretched piercings at larger gauges. They have a hollow design that allows you to see right through the stretched flesh.

Flesh tunnels have one removable end, commonly referred to as a 'lip', which screws off and allows for the jewellery to be fitted and secured in place.

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Foreskin Jewellery

Foreskin Jewellery refers to body jewellery designed to be worn through a foreskin piercing.

Piercings through the foreskin are fast to heal and can be done with m most types of jewellery such as ball closure rings, barbells, circular barbells, bananabells and straight barbells.

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A Fraenulum piercing is located on the underside of the penis, right at the base of the 'head' or 'glans' of the penis. The fraenulum is the membrane that connects the base of the glans to the foreskin. It is not always left after a penile circumcision.

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The Lower Fraenum is the membrane connecting the lower lip to the lower gum. Often pierced with micro jewellery such as ball closure rings, circular barbells and curved or straight barbells.

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Fraenum Superior

The Superior Fraenum is the membrane of very thin muscular tissue connecting the upper lip to the upper gum. Often pierced with micro jewellery such as ball closure rings, circular barbells and curved or straight barbells.

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Frontier Flesh Tunnels

The Frontier Flesh Tunnels are a range of flesh tunnels or earlets which are cut in various different sizes and shapes.

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Fun Factory

Fun Factory is a range of premium quality adult products in the adult sex range.

The type of adult toys manufactured include anal beads, vibrators, Smartballs and Laya Spot stimulators.

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