All glossary terms beggining with "D" are listed below.

D Ring

D Rings are similar to Ball Closure Rings and are often used as a popular alternative.

D Rings have a captive ball in between the ring and a flattened edge (creating a 'D shape').

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The Daith (Crux of Helix) is the fold of cartilage that sits beneath the rook and is closest to the ear canal. To have your Daith pierced, there must be enough cartilage to comfortably hold the chosen jewellery.

Most people pronounce this as 'day-th', although the proper pronounciation is 'doth', said to be of Hebrew origin.

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Dermal Punch

The Dermal Punch is a piercing that removes a round piece of skin, similar to a paper hole punch. The medical industry uses them to take biopsy samples, but piercers use them to make round piercings which remove an actual piece of skin. This allows for larger gauge jewellery to be fitted, especially where a piercing cannot be stretched (such as the Conch).


The Diameter is a type of measurement used for circles (or other round objects). The diameter measurement is used in the piercing industry to determine the size of a ring used in piercings, to ensure that the correct size is worn.

There are two type of jewellery Diameter measurement.

The inner diameter is used when measuring jewellery such as Ball Closure Rings, Circular Barbells and Body Spirals. This is the width of the inside of the ring at it's widest point.

The outer diameter is used to measure jewellery such as flesh tunnels, plugs and top hats. This relates to the thickness of your piercing.

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Disc Lock

Disc Locks are a range of adult piercing accessories, which are also called padlocks. The padlocks are shaped like normal household padlocks, but are made of materials suitable for body piercings.

Padlocks are commonly worn for restraint play or simply for exquisite style. Some women wear padlock jewellery in genital piercings as 'chastity' jewellery.

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The Dydoe is a male genital piercing through the ridged edge of the glans. Legend says that this piercing was first done by circumcised men who wanted to regain some sensation that circumcision had taken away from them.

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