Body Piercing & Jewellery Info Videos

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Below is a collection of cool online videos featuring products from our online store. You can view all of these videos directly on our Video Chanel.

Body Piercing Videos

See different piercings being carried out by a professional piercer.

Watch Bananabells Video Play Video

Bananabells Video

View a selection of bananabells from our extensive range. A variety of colours and designs to suit every individual!

View our Bananabells Range »

Watch Barbells Video Play Video

Barbells Video

We have a great selection of barbells in many colours, sizes and materials. You can even learn how to measure, fit and accessorise your jewellery!

View our Barbells Range »

Watch BCRs Video Play Video

Ball Closure Rings Video

BCRs are available in a wide range of styles and sizes for any piercing. Learn how to open and close your ball closure rings correctly.

View our Ball Closure Ring Range »

Watch Circular Barbells Video Play Video

Circular Barbells Video

Be creative with our wide range of circular barbells in a range of sizes, colours and materials to suit any piercing!

View our Circular Barbell Range »

Watch Cock Ring Video Play Video

Cock Rings Video

View our supreme quality, precision manufactured Cock Rings and learn how to measure for the correct size.

View our Cock Ring Range »

Watch Insertion Pin Video Play Video

Insertion Pin Video

Tapered Insertions pins allow you to stretch your piercing up one size at a time. Watch our demonstration!

View our Insertion Pins Range »

Watch Ring Plier Video Play Video

Ring Pliers Video

Get the most of your body piercing tools - learn how to open and close your jewellery with the use of our high quality tools.

View our Piercing Jewellery Tool Range »

Watch Threaded Accessory Video Play Video

Threaded Accessory Video

We have one of the largest selections of jewellery accessories you will ever find! Learn how to customize your jewellery to suit you best.

View our Threaded Accessory Range »

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