Smooth Segment Rings

Smooth segment rings are variety of piercing ring that feel very comfortable, look great and can help to reduce irritation. Smooth segment rings (SSRs) were inspired by ball closure rings (BCRs) but while a BCR has a captive ball, the smooth segment ring features a curved segment that "pops" out to open and close the ring. When the segment is in, the smooth segment ring looks like a smooth, solid ring. This gives you a very sleek look and SSRs look wonderful in almost any piercing.

The fact that smooth segment rings are completely smooth means that they can be rotated 360 degrees through the piercing. This means that they are easy to clean, very comfortable to wear and much less likely to snag on clothing or hair. The result is less irritation of your piercings and even a reduction in healing time compared to BCRs. Smooth segment rings are ideal for facial piercings and ear piercings - areas where you might not want a bulky BCR. They are able to lie flat against the skin, perfect for septum piercings, lip piercings and tragus piercings. In many of these locations the ball on a BCR would press into the skin, but a smooth segment ring remains comfortable.

Opening & Fitting a Smooth Segment Ring

To open a smooth segment ring you need to pop out the segment, which can be quite difficult if you are just using your hands. Most smooth segment rings are designed to hold onto the segment tightly, which prevents them opening accidentally. To get around this, we recommend using a pair of ring opening pliers to open your smooth segment ring. Insert the tips of your pliers into the SSR and gently open the ring. The segment will fall right out.

To close the smooth segment ring, use the ring opening pliers to open the ring a little. You can then replace the segment. If your ring is now a little too open, use a pair of ring closing pliers to ensure that it is properly closed.

Benefits of Smooth Segment Rings

  • Can be rotated 360 through piercings
  • Close securely - cannot fall out
  • Easy to clean
  • Less likely to catch on clothing etc
  • Smooth, seamless look
  • Smoothness reduces irritation
  • Suitable for almost any piercing
  • Available in a choice of colours, materials and sizes

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