Nose Piercing Studs

Nose piercing studs are small piercing studs that can be worn in nostril piercings. Nose studs come in a choice of styles but they are all small and fairly delicate, as you would expect for such a prominent facial piercing. Nose piercings studs need to be comfortable to wear, especially the part of the stud that is on the inside of the nostril. If this part of the stud is too short or long it can dig into the nostril or cause discomfort when you have a cold. There are three basic varieties of nose stud but nose rings can also be worn.

Curved Nose Studs

Curved nose studs are perhaps the most common type of nose stud and are sometimes called "nose screws". They have a bent or curved stem that sits against the inside of the nostril, keeping the stud in the piercing. To insert a curved nose stud, insert the tip of the stud into the piercing and use a twisting motion to push it in. There is a certain knack to inserting nose studs but it is easy once you get the hang of it.

Straight Nose Studs

Straight nose studs are simply a straight little stud with a ball or gem on the top. This sort of nose stud is very simple and easy to use - simply push them into the piercing to insert. This makes straight nose studs very easy to fit, change and clean. They also have the advantage of being very compact inside your nostril and the back of the stud is not visible, even when you tilt your head back.

Micro Labrets as Nose Studs

Everyone's nose is different and some people find that traditional straight and curved nose studs tend to slip out of their piercing. If your nose stud falls out often you may be better off with a micro labret stud. A micro labret stud is a very small labret stud with a flat back plate and a screw-on ball on the top. The stud is inserted from inside the nostril and the ball screws onto the outside. This means that the stud is securely in the piercing and cannot drop out. The back of the labret is also very compact, giving you a light, comfortable feel that many people prefer.

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