Nipple Jewellery

Ring or Bar? Choosing Your Nipple Jewellery

When you get this piercing there are two basic types of nipple jewellery that you can wear - a nipple ring or a nipple bar. Both are very popular and your choice of nipple jewellery will depend not just on aesthetics but also the angle and placement of the piercing.

Nipple rings are designed to be worn in horizontal nipple piercings, so if you want to wear a nipple ring make sure that the piercing is done horizontally. The nipple ring will hang down from your piercing, create a prominent look and is very attractive. Both rings and bars can be comfortable nipple jewellery in a horizontal piercing, so from then on it is really your choice depending on how you want your nipple jewellery to look. If you have a vertical or diagonal nipple piercing you will need to wear a bar as your nipple jewellery, although there is still a huge choice of nipple piercing jewellery that you can wear. Always ask your piercer about the size and style of nipple jewellery that you need initially - they will know the best jewellery to ensure optimal healing and a healthy piercing. If this is not your preferred nipple jewellery, you can always change your jewellery after the healing period.

Nipple Jewellery Materials

Due to the simple natural of nipple jewellery - either a bar or ring - it is available in a wide choice of materials.

Metal nipple jewellery in surgical steel, blackline and titanium are the most common choices for nipple jewellery although you can also find BioFlex and PMMA acrylic nipple jewellery. If you prefer metal nipple jewellery, blackline and titanium offer the highest biocompatibility. Both metals are recommended if you have metal allergies, but if you do not surgical steel is also a great option. BioFlex and PMMA acrylic are types of medical plastic that have many advantages. BioFlex in particular is recommended for nipple piercings that are hard to heal or have become irritated. It is soft, flexible and known to reduce healing times - ideal nipple jewellery for troublesome piercings.

Nipple Shields

If you want to show off your nipple piercings, nipple shields are the nipple jewellery for you! Nipple shields consist of a decoration that fits around or over the nipple. It is usually held in place by a nipple barbell, although some nipple shields can also be worn on unpierced nipples.

Nipple shields are available in a huge range of styles from plain discs to ornate designs, glamorous jewelled shields and heavy-duty adult body piercing styles. Some nipple shields can be worn under clothing but others are designed to be worn when naked. They are a great way to draw attention to your nipple piercings and wear nipple jewellery that really shows off your piercings.

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