Labret Studs

Labret studs are the most popular type of piercing stud and it is easy to see why - they are comfortable, easy to change and can be customised using any threaded accessory. Labret studs have a flat back plate on one end and a threaded accessory such as a ball on the other. The back plate lies close to the skin, giving a streamlined and very comfortable feel. They are most associated with lip piercings - often called a "labret piercing" - but labrets are also suitable for wearing in ear and nose piercings.

Labret studs are available in a wide range of materials and can be found in almost every size and gauge. When choosing a labret stud it is important to make sure that the stud is long enough to accommodate your piercing. If your labret is too short it can dig into the skin, damaging the skin and healing process.

Labret Studs as Lip Jewellery

Labret studs were originally designed for use in lip piercings and they are perfectly suited to the task. The flat backplane on a labret stud sits smoothly against the teeth or gums, so it is much more comfortable than a ring. A labret is also much less likely to get caught on clothing etc. This is especially important during healing, as catching your jewellery while the piercing is still fresh can really damage the piercing.

With all lip piercings there is a danger of tooth and gum damage. Jewellery can potentially rub on the gum line, causing gum recession or chip a tooth if you bite down on metal jewellery. If you are worried about damage we recommend switching to a Bioplast labret stud. Bioplast is a flexible but durable bio-plastic that greatly reduces mouth damage. It is much softer than metal but impossible to bite through, making ideal for lip piercings near the gum line.

Labret Studs as Ear Piercing Jewellery

Labret studs make excellent jewellery for a variety of ear piercings, from ear lobes to conch and upper ear piercings. They function in the same way as a butterfly-back earring but are more comfortable. This is because the back plate is flat and cannot poke into your skin. This clean, compact fit is perfect for ear piercings. The back of the labret stud is comfortable and hidden away, while the front can be customised with threaded accessories.

Micro Labret Studs as Nose Jewellery

Micro labret studs make great nose studs because they are very secure and cannot fall out. A micro labret stud is simply a smaller version of a labret, usually in a small gauge. Most traditional nose studs are curved and are simply twisted into the nose piercing. Some people find that curved nose piercings tend to slip out of their piercing - it all depends on the size and location of your piercing. If this is the case, you may prefer to wear a micro labret stud. Once the labret stud is in place it cannot slip out and the flat back plate is very comfortable inside the nostril.

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