Circular Barbells

Circular Barbells

Circular barbells are one of the most popular types of piercing jewellery and can be worn in almost any piercing. Circular barbells are essentially horseshoe-shaped barbells, with a removable ball on either end. They are a similar shape to a ball closure ring but are just as easy to insert and remove as a straight barbell.

Circular barbells are available in a wide range of materials and colours, so it easy to coordinate your look, match them to your other piercing jewellery or find the right size for an unusual piercing. You can also customise your circular barbell by swapping the balls for other threaded accessories including jewel balls, spikes, brightly coloured balls and funky shaped accessories. Circular barbells are also very comfortable to wear and lie flat against your skin. Pierced individuals all over the world choose circular barbells to ensure their piercings stay comfortable, healthy and stylish.

Benefits of Circular Barbells

The main benefit of circular barbells is that they are easy to fit and do not require the use of body jewellery pliers. Ball closure rings are very similar, but you will need a set of ring opening pliers to open and close your BCR. This can be time consuming and for certain piercings you may require someone else's help e.g. septum piercings, upper ear piercings. To change a circular barbell you simply need to unscrew one of the balls, meaning that you will be able to change and customise your jewellery easily, quickly and by yourself.

This becomes even more obvious at larger gauges. Large gauge BCRs are very stiff and depending on your strength, are difficult to open. Most people will require ring opening pliers and possibly the help of another person in order to change their jewellery. A large gauge circular barbell on the other hand can be fitted or removed by one person, easily, quickly and without the need for jewellery pliers.

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