Body Piercing Tools

Body Jewellery Pliers

Body jewellery pliers are used to open and close piercing rings such as ball closure rings and smooth segment rings. To open these body piercing rings one must remove the captive ball or segment, and then replace it to close the ring. This can be difficult and many BCRs are too stiff to open and close with your fingers - this is where the body jewellery pliers come in.

Body jewellery pliers can be used to gently open and close the rings, making it much easier to change your piercing jewellery. If you have a lot of body piercings or swap your ball closure rings often, a set of body jewellery pliers is a real must-have.

Do I really need ring opening pliers?

Whether you choose to purchase a pair of ring opening pliers really depends on how easy or difficult you find changing your jewellery. If you only wear one or two BCRs and rarely change them, you probably will not need your own jewellery pliers. But if you like to change your ball closure rings often, you will need your own set of ring opening pliers. The alternative is going to a piercing studio every time you want to change your jewellery.

Piercing Stretching Tools

Piercing stretching tools are designed to make stretching a piercing easier. They come in a range of shapes but most stretching tools are based around a tapering shape. This means that you can gently insert the stretching tool into your piercing and achieve your desired gauge in a safe way and at your own pace.

Stretching tools are manufactured in a variety of materials but we recommend using either metal, PMMA acrylic, glass or buffalo horn. These materials are non-porous and have a smooth finish, so they can be slid gently through the piercing. The non-porous surface also means that the stretching tool is less likely to "stick" in your ear and will be easier to clean. Whatever method you use to stretch your piercings it is important to do so at a pace that suits your body. A good stretching tool will allow you to stretch as much or as little as you want. After stretching up to a new size always allow the piercing to heal before stretching again. By giving your body time to recover in between stretches you can achieve a healthier and more attractive result in the long term.

Stretching Tapers

Stretching tapers are straight, gently tapered pieces of jewellery that can be used to increase the gauge of a stretching. Moth stretching tapers will increase a few millimetres over the length of their taper and can also be worn as jewellery until your new stretch is healed. Stretching tapers are manufactured in many different materials and sizes. They can be very affordable - especially acrylic tapers - and allow you to avoid spending too much money on the stretching process.

Stretching Crescents

Stretching crescents are similar to a taper except that they are curved. They can be tapered at both ends or just one. If the stretching crescent is tapered at both ends it will have a smooth middle section that is the "goal" gauge. This means that once you have the middle section in your piercing, you have reached the maximum gauge of the crescent. Stretching crescents are very popular and offer more security than a straight taper. The curved shape means that they are bigger than a taper, but more likely to stay in place.

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