Belly Button Piercing Jewellery

Belly Bars

Belly bars are curved bars with a threaded ball on either end. They are the ideal jewellery to wear in a belly button piercing. The curved shape mimics the way angle of your belly button piercing, so it feels very comfortable. It also allows the balls to sit neatly against the skin, with one ball above the belly button and the other sitting inside the navel. Most belly bars have a bigger bottom ball and a smaller top ball but you can also find plenty of belly piercing bars with equally size balls.

Belly bars are one of the most popular types of piercing jewellery and they are available in a huge choice of materials, sizes and styles. One of the great things about belly bars is that you can screw on different accessories and change your look as often as you like. When buying a belly bar it is important to get the right length bar for your piercing. If your belly bar is too short it can dig into the skin, causing it to migrate or heal at a wonky angle. Most people require a 10mm bell bar but always double check by measuring a bar that you already have that fits, or measuring the distance between the piercing holes, in a straight line. When the piercing is done, you will need a belly bar that is long enough to accommodate swelling. Most new piercings swell and if your jewellery does not accommodate this, the end of the belly bar can become embedded in the piercing or become infected. When choosing initial jewellery is always best to ask the advise of a professional body piercer.

Belly Bar or Bananabell?

Many types of jewellery have alternative names and the belly bar is no different. The most common names for this piece of jewellery are "belly bar", "belly ring" and "bananabell". All these names refer to the same type of jewellery and they are all technically correct. The name that people use to refer to belly bars is down to personally preference, although some people consider "bananabell" to be a more professional, technically correct term. On we use all of these terms, to reflect the terms that our customers use.

Reverse Dangle Belly Bars

Reverse dangle belly bars are belly bars with a motif that hangs from the top of the bar, not the bottom. The motif usually covers your belly button, creating a very glamorous, stylish look. Reverse dangle belly bars are very comfortable to wear and allow you to create a really stunning look. When inserting a reverse dangle belly bar you will usually have to insert the bar from top to bottom, not the usual way from bottom to top.

Belly Rings

If you prefer you can wear a belly ring rather than a belly bar in your navel piercing. Belly rings come in all sorts of colours, styles and sizes but the most popular belly rings are ball closure rings. Ball closure rings (BCRs) are body piercings rings that close with a captive ball. The ball is held in place by the tension of the ring and gives you a very comfortable, secure fit. As with any piercing jewellery it is important to get the right size belly ring. Belly rings are measured in terms of their internal diameter. Most people will require a 10mm belly ring but if you are unsure always measure your piercing before purchasing a new ring. Belly rings are not usually recommended as initial belly piercing jewellery. This is because the stick out a little more and are more likely to be caught on clothing etc. We recommend that you have your belly button pierced with a belly bar and then switch to a belly ring after the piercing is completely healed.

Fake Belly Rings

Fake belly rings are a great option if you want to experiment with a belly button piercing before actually getting it done, are too young to get the piercing or cannot have it for any other reason. They are little jewels or rings that stick onto your belly button - usually with skin-friendly jewellery glue. Most fake belly rings consist of a round jewel that sits in your belly button, creating a stylish, glamorous look. They are available in many different styles and often include sparkly jewels. When buying a fake belly ring, do not accept cheap, nasty materials. Many cheap fake belly rings contain nickel or other cheap metals that can cause an allergic reaction. Instead you should expect a fake belly ring to be made from the same materials as a real belly ring - surgical steel, titanium or a bio-plastic.

Belly Piercing Jewels

Belly piercing jewels are jewels or crystals that you can attach to your belly bar. They can be threaded balls that screw onto the top or bottom of the belly bar, navel rounders that fit around the whole bar and sit against your skin or little jewels with a loop that you can thread onto the stem of the belly bar. Belly piercing jewels are great because you can customise your belly bars and create a gorgeous look for every day of the week. We recommend choosing belly piercing jewels that are made from the same high quality materials as the rest of your piercing jewellery. Cheaper materials may seem like good value, but they can irritation your skin, causing long term soreness or damage to the piercing.

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