Types of Body Jewellery

From this section you can learn all about the different types of body jewellery. There are many different styles of jewellery that you can wear in your piercings, from common items such as ball closure rings, barbells and bananabells to custom shapes, stretching jewellery and hardcore piercing jewellery.

Different types of body jewellery not only look different in your piercings but will also dictate how comfortable your piercing will feel and how healthy it will be. It is always important to make sure that your body jewellery is the right size and gauge for your piercings. 'Gauge' refers to the thickness of a piece of piercing jewellery. The gauge of a piece of jewellery can be measured in millimetres, fractions of an inch or using Wire Gauge. 1.6mm / 14G is the standard gauge used for most body piercings but different gauges are used for different piercings.

Your body piercer will be able to advise you on the best gauge for your piercing. The size of body jewellery also refers to the length of bars and diameter of rings such as ball closure rings. Correctly sized piercing jewellery will allow plenty of room for the piercing to heal, without causing discomfort, pain or risk. You can find advice on jewellery sizing on the individual pages below but as with any serious piercing questions, we recommend asking a professional body piercer.

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