Tongue Venom Piercing

Tongue Venom Piercing

A tongue venom piercing is a set of two tongue piercings, placed laterally near the front of the tongue. Venom piercings can be pierced at the same time or separately and placement will depend on the size, shape and anatomy of your tongue. We recommend choosing an experienced body piercer for a tongue venom piercing.

Tongue Venom Piercing Jewellery & Aftercare

Straight barbells are usually worn in venom piercings, often with flat balls to reduce rubbing against the roof of the mouth. Tongue venom piercings are very similar to a regular tongue piercing in terms of healing. Healing may take a little longer due to the extra stress placed on the immune system. Rinse with suitable mouthwash twice daily and after eating. Stick to soft, non-sticky foods for the first couple of days. Avoid alcohol and smoking until piercing is healed.

Tongue Venom Piercing Healing Time: 6 to 14 weeks

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