Frowny Piercing

Frowny Piercing

A frowny piercing is pierced through the lower lip frenulum, at the point where the centre of the lower lip joins the gums. This piercing is called a frowny because it is considered to be the opposite of a smiley piercing, which is located in the upper lip frenulum. Frowny piercings are usually covered by the lower lip and are considered a "private" piercing.

Frowny Piercing Jewellery & Aftercare

Frowny piercings are usually pierced with a small ball closure ring. They heal relatively quickly. There is a risk of tooth and gum erosion with frowny piercings - if you notice any change to your teeth or gums, consult your piercer immediately. Rinse with suitable mouthwash twice daily and after eating. Avoid alcohol and smoking until piercing is healed.

Frowny Piercing Healing Time: 4 to 12 weeks

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