Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing

The term "nose piercing" refers to a nostril piercing. These piercings are pierced through the thinnest part of the nose, just above the curve of the nostril. Nose piercings are popular in many parts of the world and are particularly associated with India. Nose piercings have become very popular and are the most common piercing after ear piercings.

Nose Piercing Jewellery & Aftercare

Nose studs, ball closure rings and labret studs can be worn in a nose piercing. There are two types of nose stud - curved and straight. Curved nose studs are also called "nose screws" because they are twisted into place. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with saline solution. Take care to clean the inside of the nostril as well. Mucus produced by the nose can "seal" dirt into the piercing site so the inside should be given extra care. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until healed.

Nose Piercing Healing Time: 12 to 16 weeks

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