Facial Piercings

In this section you can find out about the different piercings that can be done on the face. Facial piercings are very popular and there are many different types. This page only includes non-oral facial piercings so to read about oral piercings such as lip piercings, please view our oral piercing page. Most facial piercings heal rapidly due to the healthy blood flow that your face receives. They can however leave scars if not properly cared for and we recommend choosing an experienced body piercer who will be able to help you achieve the best placement and healthiest healing process.

Facial piercings are among the most prominent piercings that you can get and these piercings will be immediately noticeable. For this reason it is worth considering whether a particular facial piercing will be compatible with your lifestyle. If you will have to hide your facial piercings at work or school we recommend investing in piercing retainers. Clever use of piercing retainers can make most facial piercings look almost invisible, allowing you to get the piercings you want and hide them when necessary.

More Body Piercing Types

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