Orbital Piercing

Orbital Ear Piercing

An orbital piercing is a piercing that enters and exits the same part of the ear. It actually made up of two piercing holes, with one ring going through both the piercings. Orbital piercings can be placed anywhere in the ear but they often located in the helix (outer ear rim) or ear lobe. Both piercings can be done at once or pierced separately. It is also possible to turn a single ear piercing into an orbital by adding another piercing nearby.

Orbital Piercing Jewellery & Aftercare

Ball closure rings and smooth segment rings are usually worn in an orbital piercing. It is important to get the right size ring as a ring that is too large or small could cause rejection or migration. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with saline solution. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until healed.

Orbital Piercing Healing Time: 6 to 18 weeks

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