Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti-tragus piercings are placed in the raised fold of cartilage that sits on the outer side of the ear, opposite the tragus. The size of the anti-tragus varies and in some people it will be too small for piercing. If you wear other earrings or have stretched lobes we recommend checking that there will be room for an anti-tragus piercing even with your other jewellery in - if the ear lobe becomes too crowded, jewellery can rub against the piercing site causing discomfort and poor healing.

Anti-Tragus Piercing Jewellery & Aftercare

The best jewellery for your anti-tragus is a curved barbell, ball closure ring or circular barbell. If the anti-tragus is particularly small we recommend using micro jewellery. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with saline solution. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until healed.

Anti-Tragus Piercing Healing Time: 8 to 18 weeks

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