UV Body Jewellery

UV body jewellery is body jewellery that glows under UV light, giving you a truly eye-catching look. UV jewellery is always popular especially for clubbing and raves with UV lights and black lights.

There are lots of different materials that glow under UV light but most UV body jewellery is made from PMMA acrylic or other types of plastic. PMMA acrylic is very biocompatible but cheap plastic UV body jewellery can irritate your skin. For this reason we recommend sticking to higher quality PMMA, which is still very affordable. PMMA UV body jewellery is very comfortable to wear. It does not irritate the skin and is very durable. Another advantage of PMMA UV jewellery is that is it very lightweight and slightly flexible. This means that it will not put stress on your piercings, even at large gauges. The flexibility means that most UV body jewellery can bend with your body - ideal for highly mobile piercings like lip piercings and tongue piercings.

UV Barbells

UV barbells are usually made from PMMA acrylic and they are an excellent choice for all sorts of piercings. These barbells are flexible and will bend with your body - ideal for ear and tongue piercings. This means that they feel very comfortable to sleep in and put much less stress on your piercing. UV barbells are also very lightweight, which makes them popular for stretched piercings. A large gauge metal barbell can be quite heavy but the UV equivalent weighs only a couple of grams. This means that your large gauge piercings will not be "pulled down" by a UV barbell, and stay look great.

UV Threaded Balls

UV threaded balls are a great way to update your look. They screw onto any piece of piercing jewellery and allow you to add UV glow to any piercing. Many people use UV threaded balls when they go clubbing or just to add colour to existing metal jewellery.

When you are buying UV threaded balls it is important to check that they are made from PMMA acrylic, not cheaper plastics. The reason is that cheap UV plastic balls are likely to snap or break after a few wears - often leaving you without a ball to fasten your piercing jewellery.

Clubbing Body Jewellery

If you love brightly coloured rave style, then UV body jewellery is definitely for you! UV jewellery makes great clubbing body jewellery because it glows under UV light. It really stands out in a dark club and is sure to get you noticed. You can switch to UV clubbing jewellery for the night or keep your clubbing jewellery in and enjoy that UV glow every day. The great thing is that UV body jewellery looks fantastic in the daytime too. The colours still look bright and it is also comfortable, so you may choose to wear your UV clubbing body jewellery all the time.

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