Steel Body Jewellery

Steel body jewellery is one of the most popular types of body jewellery thanks to its strength and affordability. There is a huge choice of steel body jewellery available and it can be used to create almost any type of body jewellery - at Body Jewellery Shop we have thousands of steel body jewellery products to choose from.

What is Surgical Steel?

Surgical steel is a type of stainless steel that can be used in body jewellery and medical applications. It is a steel alloy that contains small amounts of chromium and nickel to give it strength and sharpness. Surgical steel is easy to clean and it has a very hard, smooth surface - for this reason 316L surgical steel is commonly used to make surgical instruments, cutlery and body jewellery.

Surgical steel is biocompatible and should not irritate the skin. It is an affordable material and as a result steel body jewellery is a cheap, easy way to find body jewellery to suit you. Thanks to the affordability of surgical steel body jewellery it is available in a great choice of cool designs including fashionable colours, pretty motifs and interesting shapes.

Most surgical steel contains a small percentage of nickel, which can lead some people to experience irritation after a long period of wearing steel body jewellery. For some people this means that their piercings feel sore after wearing steel body jewellery, but many people experience no irritation at all. Skin irritation is highly individual and can be affected by other factors such as overall health and diet, but it is always reversible and will go away when the jewellery is removed. If you do experience irritation after wearing steel body jewellery we recommend switching to titanium body jewellery.

Steel Belly Bars

Steel belly bars are skin-friendly, strong and great value for money. Steel is an inexpensive material for belly bars, so you can find a huge range of cheap but stylish steel belly bars to update your style as often as you like.

When buying steel belly bars it is important to make sure that your belly bar is made from surgical steel. Surgical steel is a specific type of stainless steel that is biocompatible and skin-friendly. Wearing non-surgical steel body jewellery could lead to irritation and sore piercings. At Body Jewellery Shop we ensure that all our steel belly bars are manufactured from 316L surgical steel. This type of surgical steel is highly biocompatible, non-corrosive and non-irritating. It is the same metal that is used for medical instruments and implants, so it is the safest type of metal for making steel belly bars.

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