PTFE Body Jewellery

PFTE is a unique material that makes very comfortable, healthy body jewellery. Its long name is polytetrafluoroethylene and it is an extremely durable, flexible and biocompatible material. PTFE body jewellery is recommended as initial piercing jewellery as well as for irritated piercings, damaged piercings, sensitive skin and people with allergies.

There are three main qualities of PFTE that make it good for piercing jewellery - its flexibility, its high biocompatibility and its non-stick qualities. The flexibility of PTFE means that it can move with your body and feels very comfortable. This means that it is ideal for piercings on pats of the body that move a lot, including oral piercings, scaffold piercings and navel piercings during pregnancy. It also reduces gum and tooth damage from oral piercings. Metal piercing jewellery can rub on the teeth and gums, causing permanent damage. In extreme cases the gums can be pushed back and teeth chip if you bite down on your tongue bar. PTFE piercing jewellery cannot damage your mouth in the same way. It has a very pleasant, soft feel and is recommended by dentists for oral piercing jewellery. For these reasons PTFE jewellery is also safer in the event of an impact to a body piercing.

PTFE is the one of the most biocompatible materials available. It is non-irritating and will not irritate the skin. This means that it is excellent for sensitive piercings and can reduce healing times. If you have a piercing that is taking a long time to heal, is irritated or damaged in some way we recommend switching to PTFE body jewellery.

The non-stick qualities of PTFE body jewellery mean that it is much easier to clean. Lymph and other bodily fluids will not build up on the jewellery and PTFE tongue bars do not attract plaque in the way that metal tongue bars can. This means that your piercings stay clean and comfortable, which is especially important during healing.

Benefits of PTFE Body Jewellery

  • Highly flexible
  • Non-irritating
  • Reduces swelling and healing time
  • Metal-free
  • Can be trimmed for perfect fit
  • Bends with the body
  • Non-stick quality makes it easier to clean
  • Safe for MRI scans, dental work and hospital visits
  • Ideal piercing retainer
  • Ideal pregnancy belly bar
  • Safer in the event of impact to piercings
  • Extremely durable
  • PTFE tongue bars do not attract plaque

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