Gold Body Jewellery Materials

Gold body jewellery offers perhaps that most luxurious look and is very popular for all sorts of piercing jewellery. Gold is highly biocompatible and is recommended for wear in healed piercings. We do not recommend that you wear gold body jewellery in fresh piercings, although if you are unsure always consult your piercer before changing your jewellery.

Gold not only looks wonderful but is also very comfortable to wear. It is very unlikely to irritate the skin and most people find it much more comfortable than other metals. The only thing that can cause irritation is gold that contains traces of nickel. All gold used in body jewellery contains other base metals in order to give it strength. If nickel is one of these metals it can lead to skin irritation, so we recommend only wearing nickel-free gold body jewellery. At Body Jewellery Shop all our gold piercing jewellery is nickel-free but if are buying from other jewellery shops always check that your gold is nickel-free.

Gold Nose Studs

Gold nose studs are a very popular type of body jewellery and it is easy to see why. A gold nose stud can look very glamorous but still smart enough for everyday - perfect for a stylish, polished look. There are hundreds of different types of gold nose studs available but simple styles such as round gold nose studs and gold nose rings are always in fashion. Gold is not recommended for unhealed piercings so we recommend that you wait until your nose piercing has healed before switching to a gold nose stud.

Gold Labret Studs

Whether you have a labret piercing, lip, ear or nose piercing, gold labret studs are a great choice. These little gold studs are very versatile and can be worn in lots of different piercings and add instant style. As with all gold jewellery, gold labret studs have a beautiful shine that looks glamorous yet smart enough for work and day to day wear. You can also get a similar look by adding a gold ball to any regular steel labret stud.

Gold Eyebrow Rings

A gold eyebrow ring is a great way to show off your piercing and make a statement. It also helps to give your eyebrow piercing a classic look that is suitable for smart events, work and fashionable looks. Gold eyebrow rings are widely available in both 9ct and 18ct gold, so it is easy to find one to suit your look and budget.

Gold Nipple Rings

Gold nipple rings are a great choice for showing off your nipple piercings and ensuring a comfortable feel. Gold is recommended for people who are allergic to other metals and nipple piercings tend to be sensitive, so many piercing prefer to wear a gold nipple ring. Gold is however only suitable for healed piercings, so we recommend waiting until your nipple piercing has healed completely before switching to a gold ring.

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