Glass Body Jewellery

Glass is an excellent material for body jewellery and many people choose glass body jewellery for its unique feel and stunning look. Many people assume that glass body jewellery would be fragile but it is actually very durable. Most glass piercing jewellery is made from shatterproof glass that is very durable and would never break in the course of everyday wear.

We recommend that you are careful not to drop glass body jewellery and do not wear it during sports etc but under normal circumstances it is perfectly safe. The main reason to wear glass body jewellery is its unique look. It catches the light and adds a very unusual, sleek feel to any outfit. It is also available in a wide range of colours and looks stunning when sunlight hits it.

Biocompatibility of Glass

Glass is very biocompatible and is recommended for even sensitive piercings. It does not react with the skin and therefore does not lead to allergies, irritation or soreness. This means that most people find glass body jewellery very comfortable, especially if they have experienced irritation from metal jewellery in the past.

Another great feature of glass is its wonderfully smooth surface. Glass has a very low surface friction, which means that you can slide it smoothly into your piercing. This is especially important with new or irritated piercings - the glass jewellery will not scratch or irritate the skin. The smoothness of glass also makes it suitable for stretching piercings or taking a stretched piercing up a couple of millimetres.

Glass body jewellery is also relatively lightweight. This makes it ideal for decorative, body jewellery that makes an impact but does not put stress on the piercing.

Types of Glass Body Jewellery

Glass is best suited to use for flesh plugs, flesh tunnels, crescents, twists and U-shaped pieces. This is because these shapes play to the strengths of glass and allow it to remain strong and durable. Another reason is that larger gauge items really show off the clear, light-catching nature of glass - it is simply less visible in smaller gauges. A 10mm glass flesh plug looks amazing when the light hits it, glowing with colour and creating a wonderful statement.

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