Acrylic Piercing Jewellery

Acrylic piercing jewellery is a cheap, comfortable alternative to metal jewellery. It is made from a variety of skin-friendly plastic known as PMMA acrylic, which is very lightweight, affordable and comfortable to wear. Acrylic can also be made in any colour and can be wither opaque or see-through, giving you a great choice of jewellery.

In terms of biocompatibility, acrylic is very body-friendly. It is safe for new piercings and cannot react with the skin. This means that is will not irritate your piercings and is very comfortable to wear. Acrylic is also much more comfortable in the event that a piercing is knocked or hit by accident. Where metal jewellery might be pushed painfully into the skin, acrylic jewellery will most likely bend. It is recommended for people with metal allergies, as well as anyone who cannot wear metal jewellery for whatever reason. Acrylic is a very cheap material and most acrylic piercing jewellery is much cheaper than the metal equivalent. This means that you can update your look or treat yourself to new jewellery whenever you like.

Acrylic piercing jewellery is also ideal for wear as a piercing retainer during hospital visits, dental X-rays, MRI scans and pregnancy. It is metal-free and acceptable for wear during most medical procedures, although you should always check with your doctor before any such procedure.

Acrylic Balls

Threaded acrylic balls combine cool designs and safe, metal-free comfort for a great price. Acrylic balls are made from PMMA acrylic, a very cheap yet versatile material. It is very lightweight and can be printed or dyed any colour, so you can use acrylic balls to brighten up your piercings without putting any stress on the piercing. This means that they are comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for any piercing type.

The main advantage of acrylic balls for body piercings is the huge range of designs and colours. Acrylic balls come in a great choice of colours and designs, from plain black to funky motifs, pearl and jewel effects and unusual shapes. Good quality acrylic balls will stay looking great and retain their shine, so you can keep mixing and matching them to update your piercing jewellery.

Will threaded acrylic balls irritate my skin?

When buying cheap piercing jewellery like acrylic balls you may be concerned about the quality of the product or skin irritation. This is a valid concern but acrylic balls are actually very safe and skin-friendly. The PMMA acrylic material cannot react with your skin, so the risk of irritation is very minimal. If you are looking for very cheap, affordable piercing jewellery we recommend purchasing acrylic balls over cheap metal balls.

Acrylic Circular Barbells

Acrylic circular barbells sound like a great idea but they are actually quite hard to find in the most popular gauges - 1.2mm and 1.6mm. This is because acrylic is not strong enough to maintain such a slim, curved shape. It works well for straight barbells and large gauges, but 1.6mm acrylic circular barbells often end up snapped or bent.

If however you are looking for a large gauge acrylic circular barbell, there is an excellent choice available. Once you go above 2mm the acrylic becomes rigid enough and actually makes very attractive, durable circular barbells. These acrylic circular barbells are very lightweight for their size and make a good alternative to metal rings. Their light weight places less stress on the piercing and can help to prevent unwanted stretching from wearing heavy jewellery. Large gauge acrylic circular barbells are also largely metal-free, making them ideal if you have metal allergies or cannot wear metal jewellery - for example in certain work environments.

Acrylic Navel Rings

Acrylic navel rings are a great alternative to conventional metal piercing jewellery. Acrylic is a very lightweight, affordable material that is available in a wide range of colours. This means that you can find cool coloured acrylic navel rings that are comfortable to wear and cost very little. When we say "acrylic navel ring" we are talking about ball closure rings, not curved navel piercing bars. These rings are smooth and easy to use, ideal for a comfortable navel piercing.

Why choose an acrylic navel ring?

There are three main advantages to acrylic navel rings - the range of colours, the price and their comfortable feel. Acrylic is a type of skin-friendly plastic and it is much softer and more comfortable to wear than metal jewellery. This means that is can flex without breaking and if your navel piercing is knocked or pulled, it will hurt much less. This is ideal if you wear clothes that are tight over your navel piercing, play sports or for any reason are likely to knock your navel piercing.

As previously mentioned acrylic navel rings are very affordable and often start at under £2 for a basic navel ring. This means that you can have as many colours as you like and a different look every day! Most good piercing jewellery stores will carry a wide choice of colours, sizes and even UV acrylic navel rings that glow under UV light.

A by-product of all this is that acrylic navel rings are the ideal metal-free navel piercing jewellery. The majority of people wear metal navel rings but there will always be certain times when you cannot wear a metal ring. The most common are hospital and dentist visits - metal jewellery is not safe to wear during X-rays, MRI scans and surgical procedures. Metal-free acrylic navel rings are a great option during such procedures, although you should always check with your doctor before any procedure.

Acrylic Tongue Rings

Acrylic tongue rings are a wonderful alternative to metal tongue bars, giving you a comfortable feel and a whole host of benefits to your gums and teeth. When we say "acrylic tongue rings" most people actually mean an acrylic tongue bar rather then a ring, but "tongue ring" has become the accepted way to refer to this piece of jewellery.

There are three main advantages to wearing an acrylic tongue ring - they can prevent damage to your gums and teeth, have a nice soft feel and are safe for hospital/dental visits. The main reason that many people choose an acrylic tongue ring is the first - to save their gums and teeth.

Preventing tooth and gum damage

Chipping a tooth and gum irritation are two of the main health risks associated with having a tongue piercing - and the reason that most dentists do not like this piercing. The reality is that serious tooth and gum damage from tongue piercing jewellery is rare, but it is always a good idea to minimise these risks.

Tooth damage can occur when you accidentally bite down on metal tongue jewellery or if you suffer an impact to the face. Gum damage could happen as the result of an impact or from your tongue bar repeatedly rubbing on the gums. A soft acrylic tongue ring removes both these risks. They are too soft to irritate your gums and if you bite down on an acrylic tongue ring you would damage the tongue ring rather than damage your teeth.

Acrylic tongue rings for comfort

Most people are used to the feel of metal tongue bars, but the feel of an acrylic tongue ring is actually much more comfortable. Acrylic tongue rings are much more gentle when they touch the top and bottom of your mouth. They are also very smooth and light. For most people, the hard feel of a metal tongue bar is something that they just accept, but there is no reason not to wear a softer acrylic tongue ring.

If you do not like the look of acrylic balls we recommend wearing an acrylic tongue ring but using a metal ball on top. This gives you the same look as a metal tongue bar, with the soft, light feel of acrylic.

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