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Measuring your Jewellery

Wearing jewellery of the correct size in your body piercing is important, so knowing how to measure yourself makes buying and choosing body-piercing jewellery quicker, safer and more convenient.
If the body jewellery is too short in your piercing it will aggravate the area, cause an excess of swelling and, possibly lead to infection. If it is too long the body jewellery stands more chance of getting caught or snagged on clothes, fingers, hair, etc. This, in turn, causes more aggravation and maybe even micro-tears in the tissue around the hole, which can lead to unnecessary scarring or infection.

The measurement is taken as the distance between both holes of your piercing. Take a ruler and measure yourself between the two holes, in millimetres. If you find this hard to do let a friend help. It is also possible to measure the body jewellery. Measure the distance between the two balls of a barbell, or the inside diameter for a ring. Once you have a measurement it is common to round the figure up to the closest even number in millimetres. E.g. 13mm becomes 14mm, 11.5 becomes 12mm. In terms of the jewellery these measurements must relate to the bar itself (without the ball) or the widest point of a ring.

Ball Closure Rings, Circular Barbells & Body Spirals

Ball closure rings are measured in two places.
The 'Gauge' meaning the thickness of the ring, corresponds with the thickness of your piercing.
The 'Internal Diameter' is the width of the inside of the ring at it's widest point.


Barbells also have two measurements.
The 'Gauge' refers to the thickness of the barbell and must match the thickness of your piercing.
The length of the barbell is measured as the distance inbetween the balls at either end.

Flesh tunnels, plugs, top hats

Flesh tunnels, flesh plugs, top hats etc, are measured in outside diameter. This relates to the thickness of your piercing.

The length of the tunnel is measured from rim to rim.


The length of a bananabell is measured as the distance between the ball at either end. This relates to the distance between the holes in your piercing.

The 'Gauge' is the thickness of the bananabell, relating to the thickness of your piercing. Navel piercings however, are usually only in 1.6mm

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