Surface - Brooch

Surface - Brooch

A Brooch piercing is a piercing through tissue above the nipple, usually on the upper chest; where brooches were, and still are, worn by ladies (and men, to be fair) as an accessory.
1.6mm gauge, curved jewellery is better, as is PTFE or specially made surface piercing jewellery.

Healing Time: > 8 weeks

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Aftercare Information

Surface piercings will often catch on clothing or reject due to tension placed on the area of the piercing.
This kind of damage occurs early on, while the piercing is fresh and healing.
If the area of the piercing is relaxed throughout healing it might help the skin tissue to accept the jewellery; this may be helped by using jewellery made of a flexible and biologically inert material such as PTFE. Alternatively, purpose-built ‘surface piercing’ jewellery which is shaped to minimise stress on the tissue holding the piercing is also recommended.

Surface piercings require regular cleaning, care and special attention to the tension they suffer in day-to-day activities that affect the area of the piercing.

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