Oral - Tongue

Oral - Tongue

A Tongue piercing usually refers to a piercing of the tongue from the underside, vertically through to exit from the surface of the tongue.
A piercer should check the tongue thoroughly before the piercing. There are three arterial veins that run from near the tip of the tongue right back along the length of the tongue.
The tongue is a muscle and so gets ALOT of blood pumping into it. The piercer should be very careful NOT to pierce into the arterial vein, often found running down the centre of the tongue.
The dimensions of the tongue should also be considered well, before the piercing. Some people are ‘tongue-tied’, a name which refers to people whose Lingula fraenum runs right to the tip of the tongue, preventing the tongue from extending, even a short distance, out of the mouth.

Healing Time: 3 - 12 weeks

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Aftercare Information

Oral piercings benefit from the presence of ‘friendly’ bacteria, which live in the mouth and protect it from external infection.
Regular rinsing with Saline or an anti-septic/non-alcoholic mouthwash will definitely help reduce the risks of infection, but over-using mouthwash can kill the natural bacteria making your tongue turn white on the surface.

Oral piercings can become problematic without proper and regular aftercare.

If the jewellery is constantly moved then the pierced area can become aggravated and prolong the healing; for example chewing tough food can aggravate a tongue piercing because your tongue constantly moves when you’re chewing.
Damage can also come from biting the jewellery or where the jewellery constantly rubs against the gum lining, wearing it away. This often happens if larger jewellery is left unchanged, after the initial swelling reduces. Some people find that a ball on their tongue bar comes loose and they swallow it. Get used to tightening both balls. If you inhale the jewellery, immediately seek emergency medical treatment.

Though any signs of infection should be dealt with as quickly as possible, it is especially important with oral piercings. Infection, like septicaemia, can spread quickly into the blood or deeper into the body.
Never leave it to chance.

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