Nasel - Nostril

Nasel - Nostril

The Nostril is pierced anywhere along the curve of the nostril, as this is where the cartilage is at its thinnest.
The initial jewellery can be of 1mm to 2.4mm in gauge.

Nostril studs, labrets, or barbells need only be long enough to allow for initial swelling; but a Ball Closure Ring needs to be of a large enough diameter to just hang a little away from the bottom of the nostril, in case of swelling causing the Ball Closure Ring to ‘pull’ into the nostril.

Healing Time: 12 - 16 weeks

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Aftercare Information

Nose cartilage may require more cleaning to the inside of the nostril as layers of mucus often form over the piercing, blocking its access to fresh air and locking bacteria over the piercing. Also, germs and bacteria can settle on the surface of the nostril, trapped under a layer of oil, naturally produced by our skin. There, they can pass into a piercing and cause infection, or an abscess.

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