Genital (M) - Palang

Genital (M) - Palang

The Palang is a piercing made across the surface of the glans. It can be made through the urethra or above or below it.
Ampalang is the name given to the jewellery worn there, by the men of Borneo who used this piercing, hundreds of years ago to increase sexual pleasure.

Healing Time: 2 - 12 weeks

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Aftercare Information

Genital piercings have the potential to heal quite quickly. They do, however, suffer when the piercee does not keep the genital area cool and dry.
Avoid wearing underwear or any tight and restrictive garments that may aggravate the piercing by rubbing against it.

A genital piercing should be placed deep in its location, thereby minimising the chance of the jewellery being rejected by friction. The jewellery should also be of at least 1.6mm to 2mm gauge because anything thinner will migrate all the more quickly.

Abstain from strenuous sexual activity that will tear at a healing piercing (which can happen even long after the piercing has healed) and remember that having unprotected sex, while wearing a piercing, can increase the chances of passing a sexually transmitted disease.

Any signs of infection in a genital piercing should be dealt with immediately. If the infection spreads into the urinary system it can become cystitis, which is a bladder infection that causes the constant urge to urinate coupled with a burning sensation when doing so. Infections spread deeper and do more damage when left unchecked. They DO NOT just go away.

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