Ear - Orbital

Ear - Orbital

An orbital piercings is a piercing that enters and exits the same part of the ear. It actually made up of two piercing holes, with one ball closure ring going through both the piercings. Orbital piercings can be placed anywhere in the ear but they often located in the helix (outer ear rim) or ear lobe.

The most common jewellery to wear in an orbital piercing is a ball closure ring. BCRs are very secure and available in a wide range of materials. Both piercings can be done at once or one at a time. It is also possible to turn a single ear piercing into an orbital by adding another piercing nearby.

Healing Time: 8 - 16 weeks

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Aftercare Information

As a rule orbital piercings placed in the cartilage will take longer to heal than those nearer the ear lobe. This is because cartilage contains fewer blood vessels. When piercing an orbital it is very important to use the correct size jewellery - a BCR that is too big or small will put pressure on the piercing and can cause migration or rejection.

While the piercing is healing you may experience discomfort while sleeping. If this is the case we recommend using a PMMA ball closure ring or Bioplast jewellery. These materials are flexible and highly biocompatible which is also great if your orbital is taking a long time to heal. Orbital piercings should be cleaned daily using saline solution and the BCR rotated gently in the piercing once it becomes comfortable to do so.

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