Ear - Lobe

Ear - Lobe

The ear lobe the fleshy tissue that hangs at the bottom of the ear.
It gets plenty of blood supplied to it and thus should heal fairly quickly.
If piercing the lobe, try to make sure the piercing is central in the lobe itself.
Rings, barbells or labrets can be worn, though barbells and labrets do not need to be much longer than 8mm; the rings are often around 10mm or 12mm in diameter.

The dimensions of the earlobe will effect the gauge used, but it is common to find that anything up to a 3.2mm gauge is used. Some piercers have pierced initial piercings with a larger gauge, using a dermal punch technique.
This can guarantee that the initial hole will never close, which can be a serious commitment for many people.

Healing Time: 6 - 10 weeks

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Aftercare Information

Ear lobe piercings heal well with general care. Cleaning them regularly with Saline solution and drying the area afterwards is often sufficient to let them heal naturally

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