Abdominal - Nipple (Male)

Abdominal - Nipple (Male)

In men, it is advised to pierce just behind the nipple, through the areola.
The areola is the darker tissue behind the nipple itself.

Healing Time: 6 - 16 weeks

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Aftercare Information

Abdominal piercings, like nipple and navel, often experience aggravation due to poor ventilation and over heating.
Try to keep an abdominal piercing cool, and allow for some fresh air to reach the piercing.

Stresses are added by the kinds of clothes worn over abdominal piercings.
Clothing or accessories that are worn tightly against the body will rub against the piercing, causing the tissue to rub with the jewellery and so inflame the skin and signal the body to reject the jewellery.

When an abdominal piercing gets hot and wet (usually from perspiration) it is immersed in an environment ideal for bacteria to develop quickly.
Regularly clean and air your piercing and keep it cool and dry.

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