Custom Charm Bracelets Glass & Silver Beads

Custom Charm Bracelets Our glass and silver beads are eye-catching features that are hand crafted to ensure they are of the highest of quality. They are designed with an over whelming amount of colour, swirls and overlay of other decorative patterns. They provide a timeless and elegant addition to our range of Custom Charm Bracelets. Treated like gemstones, these jewellery beads are seen as an art that elegantly reflect light.

The commercial market for glass beads developed close to 1400 BC and was first established later in Venice. These beads have continued to develop and have had various influences from many different cultures. The Egyptians created the first glass bead in 1350 BC; these were in the form of opaque stones ranging from different colours and sizes. The fall of the Egyptian dynasty of that time saw a vast fall in production and an increasingly interest grew from the Indian culture. In India, glass was used to create false gems this led to the development of gold and silver foil beads that have been regarded as revolutionary as they are now dispatched and produced worldwide.

Silver beads are part of an ancient tradition, first created 2600 BC in western Asia in the advent of metal tools. These developed further during the Roman Empire and could only be worn by upper classes - people who could afford them. They are now collectibles and today have become mainstream vital items for all forms of jewellery.

The inspiration from different cultures and ancient tradition has popularized glass and silver beads. Our wonderful range of Jewellery Beads are lined with sterling silver to highlight your jewellery. These are all visually appealing and allow you to define and update your own style.