Custom Charm Bracelet Spacer Beads

Custom Charm Bracelets These silver spacer beads are designed to space out other larger beads; they are intended to highlight your collection. Spacer beads are all individually unique in design.

Most spacer beads are designed to be unnoticeable but our selection serves a dual purpose - to beautifully space beads whilst being an elegant additional to your silver charms.

Spacer beads have been used since the commercial market of beads grew in 1400 BC this was a time when people used beads simply for prayer and protection rather then a fashion accessory.

The popularity of this type of bead have risen and today they can be purchased in many different forms, from pendent's to patterned beads the possibilities are endless, the results are breathtaking.

Our collection offers a verity of colours some silver spacers have engraved coloured cubic zirconia stones to add an extra sparkle to the rest of your beads. The spacer beads have printed patterns outlined in silver; some are plain to add a simple, stylish shine. Some of these are enamel beads which have a colourful smooth glossy surface.

Some of our spacer beads are sterling silver, engraved with unique patterns, consisting of stars, bobbles and even ripples. These too come with cubic zirconia stones to add a sparkle to your jewellery.

For an extra and personal touch our silver birthstone spacer range is the prefect birthday gift for your loved one, to add that extra 'charm' to their bracelet. These jewellery beads are guaranteed to bring inspiration and visual impact to your jewellery.