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How to navigate through the site

At the top of the webpage you will see several buttons which will direct you to the major sections of the website.

First you have 'Home'. The Homepage is a summery of the site, containing the latest additions to our range as well as some of the most popular items at the moment. From the homepage you can access all areas of the site.

Second is the Shop button. The shop button will display a list of all jewellery available on the website in a clear and comprehensive way. To make your shopping experience easier we have split up the sections into the types of metal available.

The Info button. You can click here to go to our massive body piercing information resource centre. Here you can find information on the History of piercing, Piercing aftercare, Body art and tongue splitting just to name a few.

The Movies Section is a must. This section contains video footage of many types of piercings. This gives you the opportunity to visually experience a piercing before you get it done, see what a good piercer should be doing and have a damn good laugh.

The forums and Galleries. Here we have provided a common ground for all who are pierced and tattooed. Register to be able to speak with like-minded others or just post pictures of your latest holes.

The all important FAQ. We have accumulated all the Frequently Asked Questions into one
section so that we can attempt to answer any queries about the site and body jewellery.

On the right hand side you will see this image. Users of our old site will be familiar with our animated flash interface.
Now you can choose to navigate through the site either by using our flash interface, or our new HTML interface. Select your preferred method at the top.
Your computer should remember your choice whenever you visit the site.

Each button below will then take you to the relevant section. You will then be able to search and choose jewellery by the metal it's made from (e.g. steel or titanium), the type of jewellery (e.g. barbell or bananabell). You can also search for any jewellery to match a piercing on your body (e.g. ear or eyebrow).
Whichever option you choose Flash or HTML, it will remembered for your next visit.



Searching the website

We have a very prolific search function for those of you who know what they're looking for when they enter the site. Simply type in what you're after and click search. Search terms can include the type of jewellery, the metal type, the colour, or if you know the code, you can type that in to go directly to an item.



Becoming a member

On our new site, you can become a member.
With membership, you will be able to maintain a wish list of items on the site, take part in our online community, keep track of your current and previous orders, tailor the site to your personal preferences and much more.




Your wish list

The wish list is a function that allows you to create a shopping cart which you can save and keep for as long as you need to. You can add and remove items when you want and even move individual items into your actual cart one by one or all at once.




Converting Currency

On the right hand menu you will notice that you can see the status of your shopping cart at all times during your visit. Just underneath this you will have a drop down menu containing a list of other currencies. Simply pick the currency you wish to see and it will convert all prices and totals for you... easy peasy.


How to place an order

Once you have chosen your desired item/s then you will wish to purchase them. If you are in your cart (depicted right) then simply click on the Secure Checkout button. This can be done from any part of the site by using the right hand menu and clicking on either View Cart or Secure Checkout to enter payment details straight away.

Once you have reached the checkout you will then need to enter some details. Firstly your e-mail address (not applicable if you're a logged in member). You will need to enter your full name and billing address details making sure to fill out all required field marked with an asterisk.
One of the benefits of membership is that you may enter a separate delivery address. If you are not registered then you will only be able to ship to your billing address.
Once these details have been entered. You will need to select which shipping method you would like.
Next you will be presented with a summary of your order thus far and space to enter your payment details. Simply select the type of credit/debit card and enter all the card details in the relevant fields. If you do not wish to pay on a card then you will need to select the cheque/money order option which is at the bottom of the list.
Now click Continue and you will be taken to the Order Complete page which will re-confirm your order details and billing/delivery addresses.


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