Will my stretched earlobe close down to its original size again?

Generally speaking, the larger your stretch your earlobe, the harder it will be to downsize the stretch. As you stretch the flesh it will naturally lose elasticity with time. You may also notice after a month or two of wearing the same size, your ear will gradually 'loosen' up, making your jewellery slip in and out easily, even with 'flared' jewellery (which will have larger ends than the middle of the plug/tunnel itself).

Most people will find that sizes 8mm and smaller can be downsized fairly easily, although this process will be gradual and will take longer time the larger the stretch is.

You can begin by leaving out your jewellery on a more regular basis and wearing the next size down as soon as you can. Keep the skin healthy and well looked after by moisturising and massaging regularly. This will stimulate the tissue and increase blood-flow to the lobe, as well as keeping it in good condition. We would recommend Vitamin-E Oil, Tea Tree Oil or similar products for this process (although this is mainly down to your preference). You may also find products on the market that provide your skin with elasticity-retaining substances and many beneficial vitamins.

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