How do I Stretch my ears?

Stretching a piercing is a gradual process that will last months, sometimes years depending on how large you decide to stretch. It's important to change your gauge gradually, allowing ample healing time between sizes (normally a minimum of 3-4 weeks). If you move too fast, you risk damaging the skin which may result in scar tissue. Scars make your ear look as if it is cracking around the hole and also makes it very difficult to change gauge. Expect some soreness as your lobes heal and adjust to the new size.

The best and easiest way to stretch without any problems is with the use of stretching tapers (or Insertion Pins). We have a large variety on BodyJewelleryShop, although the most popular is the Steel Tapered Insertion Pin.

The insertion pins are used to stretch up a piercing one size at a time - i.e. - if you wanted to stretch from a 1.6mm to 2.4mm, then you would need a 2.4mm pin. The 2.4mm pin starts at 1.6mm and gradually increases in size to a 2.4mm.

To use the pin, you will need to lubricate it (substances such as Savlon, Liquid Soap, Vitamin-E oil are recommended) and push it slowly through your piercing. Once the pin is almost all the way through the piercing you put the jewellery on the end of the pin, and push it though. The pin will then come out of the piercing and the jewellery will be in.

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