How do I change my piercing jewellery?

When handling or changing your body jewellery, you must always ensure to clean your hands, preferably with anti-bacterial soap. Once your accessory is screwed on or snapped in, clean your body jewellery one more time to reduce chances for infection. A hot shower or hot compress will help soften your skin before cleaning and inserting body jewellery.

Below is an illustration to help you with the procedure of fitting barbells (or similar screw-on jewellery) or a captive (Ball Closure, Bar Closure or Segment) ring.

  1. Pinch the skin adjacent to the piercing and insert one end of the body jewellery into one hole of the piercing (Illustration 1)
  2. While inserting the body jewellery, massage the opposite hole with a finger (Illustration 2)
  3. Continue inserting and massaging until you feel the body jewellery exiting the piercing
  4. Either screw on or clip in your accessory (Illustration 3)

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