Which ball size do I need for a ball closure ring?

The clip-in accessory size required for a ball closure ring will depend on the gauge (thickness) and the internal diameter of the BCR. It is common for ball sizes to vary, even in the same sized ring, as some will fit more than one size due to the flexibility of the ring.

Below are some estimated sizes for smaller sized BCRs:

1mm or 1.2mm BCRs with an internal diameter of:
6mm - fit 3mm or 4mm accessory
7mm or 8mm - fit 4mm accessory
9mm or 10mm - fit 4mm or 5mm accessory
11mm, 12mm or 13mm - fit 5mm or 6mm accessory
16mm - fit 6mm accessory

1.6mm BCRs with an internal diameter of:
8mm - fit 4mm accessory
10mm - fit 5mm accessory
12mm or 14mm - fit 6mm accessory
16mm or 19mm - fit 6mm accessory
22mm or 25mm - fit 8mm accessory

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