The team has a long history of success both on and offline.
From the early beginnings of our first shop, customers have always praised our selection, prices, and flair for the imaginative. Ten years ago, our first retail shop opened up, specialising in smoking paraphernalia, piercing jewellery and giftware. The shop still stands in St. Albans although we've moved through four different shops since then, including an outlet in London's busy Leicester Square.

In 2000, we opened up the very first incarnation of The site was slower, chunkier and not as slick, but we had a massive range of jewellery and lower prices than everyone else. It was only a matter of months before we had become one of the leading online retailers of body jewellery. We watched with undisguised amusment, as our competitors attempted to catch up with us!
Now, is one of the most popular body jewellery websites in the world. With tens of thousands of happy customers, millions of regular visitors and awards given from various bodies in the piercing community.

Two years after launching the original, we launched our sister site,
Built on the same principles as, and using updated technology, stocks a massive range of smoking equipment, as well as a huge informational resource on the subject of cannabis, step by step bong and joint tutorials, a large video library, and busy forums and photo galleries for the smoking community. quickly became more popular than we could ever have predicted, receiving 40 million hits a month and infecting every aspect of the cannabis friendly media.

Now, here we are at the back end of 2004, and a third incarnation of is now online. The new site is faster, smoother, and chock full of funky new features to make your shopping experience as easy and hastle free as possible. We've updated our information sections and built our forums and galleries for the piercing community. We still have the same excellent customer service as we always had, but with our new website, our staff now have more time to concentraite on finding newer and cooler jewellery to put on the site!

We could never have come this far without the help, support and praise of our longstanding customers. We love you all.
Check back often as, much to the dismay of our competition... We never sleep... we never stop... there's always more to look at and always more to do.

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