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Thank you for visiting the BodyJewelleryShop.com, we are proud to be celebrating 20 years online this year! On our site you will find an unbeatable range of 12,000 high quality products. Our vast range of body jewellery is probably the largest you will find online, in a variety of designs, diameters and lengths.

Service You Can Trust

We provide first class customer service, our Trustpilot rating is excellent, with secure ordering online, worldwide delivery including next day UK delivery on most of our products and free delivery to anywhere in the world when you spend over £12! We update our website daily to ensure that not only will you find the latest pieces of body jewellery but you can also very quickly find the perfect item for you. Our new navigation bars make it easy to drill down to a specific item in length and diameter to suit your requirements and desires. We have traded online since the year 2000 and our highly experienced team is always ready answer any body jewellery and piercing related questions. Join our Forum that has 900,000 members so you can share experiences, ask questions and gain inspiration. We highly value your experience with the bodyjewelleryshop.com, see what our delighted customers have to say about us.

Quality and Variety

Our massive selection of body jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. The material used for the bulk of our body jewellery is surgical steel 316L, which takes on a more luxurious feel when plated in gold or rose gold. Our jewelled items will add a touch of glamour for those special occasions and day to day wear, we also produce body jewellery in wood, titanium and acrylic. With new products being added to the site on a daily basis we are your go-to destination for all body jewellery requirements at low prices.


At the BodyJewelleryShop we are committed to providing the best quality body jewellery at the best prices online. If you see better prices for any of our items listed, please send an email to our customer service team [email protected]

Get the Look

Trends in the body jewellery world are constantly changing, you can keep up-to-date with the latest looks through our Forum. Of late we have seen an upturn in interest in belly-button piercings with Billy Eilish rocking her new piercing on Instagram along with a number of other celebrities who love to celebrate their navels including Beyonce and the Kardashians.

The 90’s look is clearly back in vogue! Justin Bieber has recently taken his bad boy look to a new level with his latest addition of an eyebrow piercing which has encouraged many to do the same. Nose piercings remain ever popular, with Katy Perry recently complimenting her sassy look with a simple hoop. Lip piercing offers many stunning stand out options from the Labret and Monroe through to the Snake Bites, check out our vast range of beautiful lip jewellery to find your style. Ear piercings are always in vogue and offer a number of options. Lobe piercings of course are ever popular and we are seeing more and more interest in high lobe piercings which you can stack to add extra sparkle, think Myley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards.

One of the most popular ear piercings of the moment is The Helix piercing which goes through the upper cartilage of the ear and can be worn with a hoop or stud. The super stylish Tragus piercing looks great with a stud or hoop. The Tragus is the front of the ear that adjoins the head, when The Tragus, especially when jewelled up. One that’s not for the faint of heart is The Conch piercing which goes through the centre of the ear, there are two type of conch piercing, outer and inner. The outer looks great with a hoop complimented by a sparkling stud in the inner.

The Daith piercing, which is the smallest fold of cartilage on the inner ear just above the ear canal, has been accredited as a cure for migraines, whether this is true or not this piercing is outstanding when worn with a hoop earring. We have found that The Rook piercing is a popular choice with our customers that sits through the upper cartilage of the ear. It can take a few months to heal but once complete looks incredible with a hoop earring or barbell. Check out our incredible range of ear piercing jewellery for whatever piercing you have or choose.

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