Titanium Medilab Labret Stud - 1.6mm
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G23 surgical titanium labret stud with ART-tech™ surface.
Medilabs™ have a unique backplate filled with bio-compatible pure white ART-tech™ . The ART-tech™ surface is lighter and softer than titanium or steel and causes less impact trauma when it touches teeth or gums by gently bouncing back avoiding friction damage.

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Customer Product Reviews

9.7273 out of 109.7273 out of 109.7273 out of 109.7273 out of 109.7273 out of 10

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10

Great labret stud

By Vy from Edinburgh 03 December 2012

I purchased one of these studs over 3 years ago from this site, & have been wearing it in my labret piercing ever since. It is comfortable & I have never, ever noticed any problems with my teeth or gums. The screw thread on it is also very reliable, never had a ball sneakily unscrew itself & fall off (which happened with my original bar!). Highly recommended.

9 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 10

Great labret for lip piercings!

By Anonymous 09 September 2011

I got my monroe piercing done about a year ago now, and wore ordinary labrets for about 2 months after it had healed. However I always was worried about all the rumours/info about damage to teeth and gums being done by this piercing!
I bought one of these just to try it, as I do wear bioplast labrets but just prefer the look of all-metal ones really, and it really is great!
More for peace of mind in my case, but I think it definitely does work and minimises any damage to your mouth.
Also, it being made of titanium is great, as I find steel labrets often make my skin sensitive, titanium (I find) is good if you have a healing/newly healed and problematic piercing.

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10

A good buy

By Anonymous from UK 17 July 2011

I wanted something more comfortable for my medusa piercing as I could costantly feel the standard bar against my teeth. Decided to try this out, and it's the most comfortable bar I've ever used. The edges of the plate are rounded and fit a lot better, also it rests against your gum better too. Although the surface of the back is a bit harder than I thought, it's still very very comfortable.

HIGHLY recommended. :)

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10

Curiously functional

By Ogyen from USA 12 September 2010

I was extremely skeptical of these at first glance but after some research decided to give it a shot. Thank goodness for taking chances!

Here's what I see in how it works:
1. the edges are round so nestle and recess like all studs, which is good because it pulls the stud away from the teeth
2. the white part is like a hard plastic, so tough, but in no way scratching or damaging. Think resistance instead of hardness. It pretty much becomes flush with the lip creating the semblance of the resistent quality of the lip itself without being felt as much as a foreign object. It is therefore extremely comfortable to the point that I forget that there's something there that is not lip.

I'd been concerned about my lower two teeth developing gum recession and my dentist has not observed an increase of gum recession since changing to this piece of jewelry 2.5(ish) years ago.

Individual cases will probably differ, but so far I've had good success with it. Definitely my main everyday lip-decor.

I only wish it came internally threaded.

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10


By Anonymous 15 August 2010

This stud is just perfect. Was a little surprised; I had expected the white area to be soft, but it's actually quite rigid - that said this stud is comfortable, and a lot less likely to damage your teeth than other stems.