Stretch your ears the easy way with our range of Surgical Steel Stretching Tapers. These smooth stretching tapers come in a range of easy to use sizes that allow you to stretch gradually and safely. We also have a full range of Ear Stretching Tools and Stretching Jewellery.

Tapered Insertions pins allow you to stretch your piercing up one size at a time. At one end the tapered insertion pin is slightly larger than the size of the intended jewellery, at the other end the tapered insertion pin is a size smaller. The new jewellery slots into the larger end.
Pushing the pin slowly through the piercing will stretch it up to the desired size. When the tapered insertion pin is all the way through, the jewellery will follow and slide into the piercing.
It's important to only stretch your piercing up one size at a time, and to leave around 2 weeks between each stretching to avoid tearing the flesh.
See our information pages for more information on Stretching Aftercare and Common Stretching Problems.

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