Saline Solution
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Piercing Tools & Aftercare


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Product Code: Saline Solution


Bottle of Saline Solution - 50ml Sodium Chloride 0.9%

Jewellery Type: Piercing Tools & Aftercare

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9.5625 out of 109.5625 out of 109.5625 out of 109.5625 out of 109.5625 out of 10

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10


By Lauren from Wales 04 August 2014

I've had my nose pierced for about a month now and the clumsy person I am I have hit my nose a few times and even accidentally knocked the stud out. Due to my clumsy nature, my piercing become aggravated and a small bump appeared. I've tried soaking the area with a mixture of sea salt and water but nothing was happening. After reading the reviews on this product I thought it was worth giving it a try and I'm so happy that I did! The bottle/packing for the product is basic with no instructions but common sense will tell you how to apply the product. I have been using this product for a few days now and I have seen a huge difference with my piercing. The bump has nearly gone and the redness is also going too. I would recommend this product to anyone who is having difficulty trying to heal their piercing or who just want a quick easy way to clean their piercing.

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10


By Anonymous from UK 22 December 2013

Although making your own salt soaks is cheaper, I was worried I was not getting the ratio right and was using the wrong kind of salt. Am so happy I bought this product as it's sooo easy to use! Especially if you travel a lot or have long shifts at work you can just pop it on to a cotton bud and give it a quick clean rather than boiling a kettle. I found it really soothing on my tragus piercing and have had (so far) no problems which is good for me, as my piercings usually reject no matter how well I care for them!

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10


By Anonymous 05 July 2013

Bought this for my new nose piercing and it's been amazing, haven't had any problems at all and the piercing is healing perfectly. My body tends to have trouble with piercings healing correctly and so for a product to eliminate that problem is just a god send - Thanks BJS

- Also shipping was amazing, got dispatched the day i ordered it and arrived the very next day.

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10

A+++ :D

By Lasers from England 07 February 2013

I was a bit hesitant about buying it, but since it was so cheap, I thought I'd give it a go.
So much quicker and easier than boiling up water, disinfecting cups/stirring utensils, and also finding cheap sea salt (that stuff is pricy...)

It squirts out one drop at a time, so it's great for saturating an earbud without using up too much - also super hygienic!

Perfect concentration too, very soothing and stops any confusion over mixing too much salt with water since it's already done for you! :)

10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10

Superb Stuff!

By Ali from Scotland 02 July 2012

This is a very useful product for use on all piercings.

It's the perfect concentration and in an easy to use bottle with a nifty top that controls the flow with ease.

Nice size and will last for a while.

This is the same as you could make yourself with sea salt and boiling water but people get confused when it comes to concentrations and amounts so this is the easy way to use it!!

The only way to improve this product would be to offer it in multiple sized bottles, including ones bigger than this.

Recommended for all piercings including dermal anchors etc, superb product that i would buy again and again.