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Tragus Ear Piercing

Tragus piercings are located in the hard section of cartilage that stick out in front of the ear canal. Tragus piercings are very popular and there is a wide choice of jewellery that you can wear including labret studs, barbells and ball closure rings. If your tragus piercing won't heal or gets sore we recommend switching to a BioFlex labret stud - the soft material can reduce healing times.

Tragus Rings

Many people choose to wear a ring in their tragus and they are a classic jewellery choice. We have an excellent range of tragus piercing rings including circular barbells and smooth segment rings. Each ring type has certain advantages and disadvantages so take a look at them all before selecting a new ring.

Tragus Rings

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Tragus Studs

We have a great choice of tragus piercing studs that feel and look great in your piercing. Most of these studs are labret studs that have a flat back plate that sits neatly against your skin. This means that the ear canal is not obstructed and you can wear headphones more comfortably. We have a huge range of tragus studs and you can see more designs by clicking on any of the studs or categories.

Tragus Studs

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Tragus Bars

Tragus bars and barbells are a classic choice of your tragus piercing. We have a huge range of short barbells that you can wear in your tragus piercing, from plain steel barbells to funky designs and hi-tech skin friendly materials. You can also accessorise these tragus bars with any of our threaded accessories. Here are some of our most popular tragus bars but to see more just click on any bar or category.

Tragus Bars

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