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Treat your tongue piercing to safe, stylish jewellery with our range of Tongue Piercing Jewellery. We have a great choice of tongue piercing jewellery including Flat Tongue Studs, Flexible Picture Tongue Bars and non-metal Tongue Piercing Retainers.

Tongue Studs

Keep your tongue piercing feeling great with our range of tongue studs. These tongue studs feature either threaded balls or flat accessories that will sit comfortably against the roof of your mouth. These tongue bars come in a wide range of materials and styles, so it is easy to find the one perfect for your look and your piercing. To see more styles click on any tongue stud or category.

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Tongue Balls

You can customise your tongue stud with these threaded tongue balls. These threaded accessories simply screw on to the top your tongue bar, so you can swap your accessories to change your look, choose a more comfortable feel or match your tongue stud to the rest of your piercing jewellery. To see more tongue balls just click on a ball or a product category.

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Tongue Retainers

Tongue retainers are designed to keep your tongue piercing open in situations where you cannot wear regular metal tongue bar. You might need to hide your tongue piercing at work or school, need a safe alternative for dentist visits or a non-metal retainer to wear during a stay in hospital. We have a great choice of tongue piercing retainers including the ones shown below. To see more options please click on a tongue retainer or product category.

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