Scaffold Piercing Jewellery

Scaffold Ear Piercing

Scaffold piercings are a classic ear cartilage piercing that really stands out. They consist of two ear-rim piercings connected by one long barbell. Scaffold piercings usually go straight across the top of the ear but they can be placed at any angle that your anatomy allows. Always measure your scaffold jewellery carefully to make sure you get the right size for your new jewellery.

Scaffold Bars

Once your scaffold piercing is healed you can wear a huge range of barbells in it. Any long barbell can be a scaffold bar, as long as it is big enough. If you find your scaffold bar uncomfortable at first or it won't heal, we recommend wearing BioFlex scaffold bars, which are flexible and known to reduce healing times. Here you can see a range of scaffold bars, to see more options simply click on any bar or category.

Scaffold Bars

Scaffold Bar Categories

Accessories for Scaffold Bars

These threaded accessories make it easy to customise your scaffold bar. You can add any of them to your barbell and for most scaffolds you won't even have to remove the jewellery to add these accessories. Below you can see some of our most popular scaffold piercing accessories. To see other designs just click on any of the accessories or categories.

Accessories for Scaffold Bars

Scaffold Bar Accessory Categories

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