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Pinna piercings are placed in the outer ear rim, at the top of the ear. The pinna is also known as a helix piercing and is similar to an auricle piercing, but placed higher up. Pinna piercings are cartilage piercings but they usually heal quite quickly. Pinna piercings are versatile because you can wear all sorts of piercing jewellery in them, from plain studs to eye-catching ear cuffs.

Pinna Rings

Pinna Rings

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Pinna Bars

Get a great look with our wide range of pinna piercing bars. Barbells are a very comfortable option for pinna piercings as they are less likely to snag on your clothing or hair. We have an excellent choice of barbells and helix bars to suit your style. You pinna piercing will be more comfortable if you use the correct length jewellery, so always measure before you buy. Below you can see some of our best-selling pinna bars. To see more just click on a bar or category.

Pinna Bars

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Pinna Shields & Cuffs

Make a statement with our gorgeous range of pinna piercing shields and cuffs. These eye-catching ear shields are held in place by a barbell that passes through your pinna piercing. Pinna shields and cuffs come in a great choice of designs, from plain silver to colourful motifs and sparkly gems. Here you can see our favourite ear shields and cuffs, to see more options just click on any product or category.

Pinna Shields & Cuffs

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