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An orbital piercings is a piercing that enters and exits the same part of the ear. It actually made up of two piercing holes, with one ring going through both the piercings. Orbital ear piercings are usually located in the outer ear rim but they can be done anywhere your anatomy will allow. Orbital piercing jewellery is always a ring of some kind and we have a great selection to suit your ear and your look. On this page your can see our most popular orbital piercing jewellery - to see more designs and options click on any of the products or categories.

Orbital Rings

Orbital piercing rings are really the only type of jewellery you can wear in this piercing - if you opt for two bars it stops being an orbital. Most orbital piercings are done with a ball closure ring but you can also wear smooth segment rings that give a smoother look. You can also swap the ball in your BCR with any clip-in accessory to give your orbital piercing a new look in seconds.

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These orbital ring clip-in accessories allow you to turn a simple BCR into a fashion statement. They replace the ball in your BCR and come in a huge choice of funky designs, sparkly jewels and cool colours. Always make sure that your clip-in accessory is the same size as the ball it is replacing. To see more clip-in accessories simply click on any product or category.

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